The application of intelligent swing barrier in pedestrian path

Intelligent swing barrier, the high-tech products, specific to intelligent management of pedestrian path. With fine processing, complete functions, high grade, widely used in upscale community, intelligent building, hotel, subway, wharf, clubs and other high-grade places. The equipment integrated with mechanical, electronics and microprocessor control and various identification technologies, through selecting various identification system and adopt reliable safety protection device, alarm device, entrance guard, etc, to coordinately organize pedestrian’s intelligent control and management. Intelligent swing barrier compatible with the use of IC card, ID card, barcode card, fingerprint, etc card identification equipments, effectively realize the management control for entrance and exit.

Intelligent swing barrier adopt contactless smart technology system, they are superior to other systems.

(1) Smart Cards: Adopts non-contact intelligent RF card, successfully achieved one card with multiuse, more confidential, low wear, easy operate, and greatly improved the practicability use of the system.

(2) Convenient Expansion: computer and intelligent swing barrier use RS485 bus communication. In that way, according to the demand if need to increase quantity of the barrier after installation of a corresponding control system, the hardware only has to increase corresponding barriers and the software just needs to reset the new equipments.

(3) Offline operation: intelligent swing barrier not only can run with a networking computer, but also can work offline. Barriers can according to the parameters of the system has download automatically to identify whether a user card is valid, decide whether to open, and store the release records into memory.

In the application of the pedestrian, intelligent swing barrier combined with the computer and IC card into an integrated management system, used for checking-in, also can realize the entrance guard, charge and other functions, enriched the function of common channel gate.
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