Advantages of the Intelligent Turnstiles

Nowadays the intelligent turnstiles are been widely used everywhere, what are the actual advantages of intelligent turnstiles?

Intelligent turnstile organically integrated machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and all kinds of identity recognition technology. It is very convenient to be used with those card-reading recognition systems, such as the IC card, ID card, bar-code, fingerprint, etc. It realizes the intelligent control and management for the passageway by matching all kinds of identity recognition system equipments and adopting the reliable performance of the security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators and so on Mainly applies in such upscale places as residential estates, intelligent buildings, hotels, metros, docks, chambers, etc. It has the following feature and advantages:

1. Advanced technology
Professional and core technology. To ensure a stable quality, provide reliable guarantee to customers.
Advanced ARM kernel motor microprocessor. Make starting and control smoothly.
Logical progression networking. Stable and accurate signal, effectively avoid disoperation caused by interference.
Digital positioning technology applications, turnstile arm accurate positioning.

2. Safety and protection
Safety design concept, ensure safety. No worry management and usage.
No edges and corners machine design, to prevent accidental collision damage, ensure the security of the pedestrians.
Alarm function, in case of illegal intrusion and reverse intrusion, etc. strengthen the consciousness of safety management.
Gate auto opens when power off and auto close when power on, complying with fire safety requirements.
Large capacity and high reliability data storage technology, ensure the security stock of user data.

3. Stable and reliable
Advanced circuit design, Professional key device selection and strict experimental verification make product durable service.
Stainless steel housing and anticorrosive internals processing ensure long lifespan.
Professional clutch device and angle detection device ensure synchronization works.

4. Harmonious and humanized
Humanization design and consideration usage increased the management feature.
Human body height design which easy for IC/ID card read and free passage.
LED direction indicator. No need come close to judge traffic state.
Mechanical anti-pinch function. If the gate meets resistance in the reset process, motors will stop working automatically within the prescribed time and reset again after the default delay (till fully reset).
Fault detection and alarm functions, easy to use and maintenance.
Gate can be set as normally open or normally closed.
Direction can be set as single-direction or bi-direction.
The running status can be programmed and controlled with the built-in keyboard on the main board.
Automatic reset function. Should the user fail to pass within the prescribed time, the system will cancel the authority of the current user automatically.

5. Environmental and energy saving
Low power consumption, save every penny for you; Low noise, allowing you to exempt from noise.
Strong adaptability, provides a reliable option guarantee for you.
Strong capacity to meet the high demand of heavy traffic flow.
Improved design, make the turnstile to adapt to a variety of inside and outside using environment.
Compatible with the mainstream card reader or identification system.
Has a standard extension interface, greatly satisfy the customer requirements for system integration.

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