Is the Recent Security Situation in Pakistan influence Chinese Security Market?

As a security factory exactly our product – metal detector, recently we are run out of storage and also working day and night to supply to meet customer needs. Where comes so many demands? Yes, from Pakistan.



Pakistan’s internal security situation is grim. This is a country literally under siege since September 11. Some 45,000 Pakistanis have been killed by terrorism and militant-related violence, and the election process that just ended was marked by a considerable amount of bloodshed. Over the years, the Pakistanis have allowed the development of a terrorist Frankenstein inside their own country. Successive U.S. presidents since George Bush senior have warned Pakistan that tolerating and even patronizing terrorist groups would sooner or later come home to haunt them. We have the consolation of being right, but not much consolation that there is any chance of improvement on the horizon.

Pakistan is too important to give up on. This is a country of more than 180 million people, the second-largest Muslim country in the world with the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world. You can be pessimistic about Pakistan, and you’ll often be right, but Pakistan is too important to give up on. It’s a vital relationship for the United States, and I am hopeful that the inauguration of a new government and Obama’s recent counterterrorism speech offer us a chance, an opening, and we ought to take it and see if we can’t make a little lemonade out of the lemons we have here.

Pakistan is besieged in maintaining itself as a stable state and aims to overcome the multi-dimensional issues to the apparent wellbeing of its people and their endurance. The country is keen to take effective measures for the security concerns the whole nation is facing.

The Safe Secure Pakistan is designed to address the safety & security needs of the region by bringing together major international and local exhibitors to display latest technology, innovations and advancement of homeland security, workplace safety, fire fighting, mobility, rescue & emergency.

The show will attract a large number of industry professionals and experts from across the globe to interact with their counterparts, strengthen relationships and forge alliances in a highly focused and interactive environment.

Since the beginning of January, We have already precept many orders from Pakistan, most asked us the Walk Through Metal Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector, X-ray Luggage Scanner, Under Vehicle Search Mirrors and so on, the quantity also aappreciable.

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